Why keep photographic records for insurance purposes?

Using digital cameras or even smartphones it's now easy to keep photos to record your let property portfolio - but why do should you do this for insurance?
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What security devices can I use on a trailered boat?

What are the security devices you can use to prevent thieves making away with your pride and joy? We take a look at the various options open to boat owners.
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Keeping your boat in safe storage

Where's the best place to store your boat? We look at the options for all sorts of craft whether they are trailered, moored or stored out of the water.
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What the different insurance valuation terms mean

We're all familiar with the terms 'new-for old' and 'market value'. Do they still apply in the world of boat insurance?
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Making claims go as smoothly and as easily possible

Once your boat is insured you can relax, right? Well, yes, but there are things that you can do that will make claims much easier.
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How storage can affect your boat insurance premium

It's not really surprising that more secure storage means you'll pay less for your insurance. Find out how to maximise your saving now.
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Fire precaution tips for your boat or yacht

A tourist boat fire in London at the end of the hot summer of 2013 clearly demonstrated the risks posed by fire. What are the lessons for safety and insurance?
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