Motorboat Insurance

Owning a motorboat can be a costly endeavour; with their prices ranging anywhere from £1,000 to £80,000 we understand the importance of providing quality motorboat insurance. We offer a wide range of public liability and fully comprehensive policies, so you're sure to get the cover that you need.

At Compare Boat Insurance, we offer cover for many different types of motorboats, including some of the more popular brands such as Bayliner, Fletcher and Shetland.

More than just motorboat insurance

With our fully comprehensive packages, you're insured for any loss or damage to your vessel, excluding general wear and tear, and you'll have the added benefits of our public liability cover. Continually, we understand that boating is often a family event. In light of this you can extend your policy to include personal accident cover, giving you the reassurance you need.

Additional cover

Why not take a look at our optional policy extensions? These cover you for loss or damage to your trailer and any outboard motors or specialist equipment, such as life jackets and buoyancy aids, that you may have onboard your vessel.

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